I am officially a coach’s wife today! Last night, Glenn played his final game and we couldn’t have asked for a better ending. The team did fabulous and had a great win. I was able to get up close and get some great shots and along with another photographer, Richard Perigo, I think we really captured the essence of the night. Speaking to Glenn after the game, he said “the only way it could have been more perfect were if my parents were here.” Under the circumstances this was not a possibility, but thank goodness for technology, because they were able to view online, along with many other family and friends!

He was all smiles before the game! I’m so happy he decided to warm up without his helmet this one time 🙂

Doing a little puck-juggling or whatever you call it before the game. (I think he was showing off for the photographer!)

Minutes before his last shift. I’ve always loved images like this, from behind the bench.

Glenn’s last shift 🙁

A big thank you to the fans, not only from this team but from every other team we’ve been a part of!

If this face doesn’t say “bittersweet” I don’t know what it says! In the last 2 days Glenn’s been asked numerous times how he feels and if he is sad…this is his response to that, “I’m in a unique situation, where I get to come back to the rink the next day with the same team/group of guys, I’m not leaving, so that makes it easier.” If someone asked me to say how he feels in one word I would say, “excited!”

Upon asking some of the guys what they think about Glenn’s change from player to coach, the majority of the responses went something like this, “we’re losing one of our best players, but I think he’ll be a great coach.”

As soon as I took this photo I said, “your mom is going to love this one!” My handsome husband 🙂

“Daddy, why don’t you want to play hockey anymore?” said Ebba after the game. (I was doing pretty good until this!)

Watching the slideshow after the game. As Glenn said, “very few guys are lucky enough to have something like this to celebrate their last game-it was awesome!” (Thank you to everyone who helped me gather images on such short notice and thanks to Keith for putting it all together.)

The screen says it all, “Thanks for the Memories”

We are so proud of Glenn/Daddy and we are looking forward to this next adventure as the Coach’s family!

“Hanging them up”

(I can’t thank Richard enough for capturing this for me-I had this vision and he nailed it.)